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Jvzoo Introduction

I have divided this guide into sections to make it easy to follow, so in this section I am going to cover the below points:
– Introduction to JvZoo
– JvZoo Account setup
– How to find a hot product in JvZoo marketplace to promote
– Metric to select a high converting product

So, JvZoo is platform for both affiliates marketers, allowing them to choose products from many listed products in market place for different niches. And Vendors or Product Sellers, who sells their product through JvZoo platform as JvZoo will be looking after their payments and managing affiliates and so on.
There are different similar platform, like ClickBank the most famous platform out there in the internet marketing space and I will be covering some part about ClickBank in this guide. So you will be having dual commissions, binary earnings!

JvZoo Account setup

Setting up a JvZoo account is simple as setting up a Gmail account, all you have to do is copy and paste this link into your web browser and at this stage, we want to sign up as an affiliates.



Once you are done with the registration, you will move to another page then, feel free to go through it or just carry on with the sign up process by hit on SIGN UP NOW


IT’S FREE! After that, you fill up the registration forum and carry on with the remaining process. Should you need any assistance at this point, please do contact me and I will be happy to help! Up to here, we are done with setting up our account part.

Now I shall move forward to the sub topic of this section, which it is finding a product to promote. In each section you will find a video demonstration to brief you about the section, yet if you have any questions, please always remember to contact me Mama will be there for you. Now, let us move to the next sub topic of this section that is how to find a product to promote.


How to find a hot product in JvZoo marketplace to promote


Lovely! Now you have got your account. We are in level where we need to search for a winning and high converting product. In each section in JvZoo, you will be finding a video demonstration to brief you about the section, yet if you have any questions, please always remember to contact me Mama will be there for you!
Let’s browse the menu bar and just have an idea about the platform, it is so easy. Now it is the time to get busy! Hit on the menu bar where it say affiliates, a drop down list will show up and then select Find products.

JVzoo Find Products

Metric to select a high converting product


Selecting the right product is a crucial part, as this part will determine the amount of sales that you are going to generate as an affiliate.

Please remember that whatever I am sharing with you here it is after many experiments and tests that I have personally done.

However, you may feel free to try your own experiments as I always saying that always the results will vary from one to another. However, these are the fundamental of the process, which you have to keep it sticky in front of your eyes. Just to make it easy and simple, when I choose a product I usually focus in:

1. Refund percentage: how much in percentage this product has been refunded.
2. Total sales: how many units have been sold out.
3. Product Author: and last but not least, author reputation in the market.


So, these three points are my main core when I do research about the product that I want to promote. In regards to the refund and total sales, when I see that the refunds percentage is far from the sales unit then, this would be a good sign for me to promote it. Here is a live example:
As you see in the above screenshot, the author has sold over 58,000 units and the refund percentage is only 1.96%! Moreover, on his sales funnel, he sold over 95,000 units and he got only 2.98% refund percentage. In my point of view, this is a great product to promote.

So, I hope the idea is clearer to you by now. About the author reputation, you can Google the author name and see if he has launched any product previously that would be good sign. And if the author is just new to the market, you can check the sales copy of the product and the testimonials. Sometimes the author might be first time for him to launch a product and the product is converting so well.

Therefore, I do not stick at that point “author reputation”. I just focus on the other two criteria, but the third one, it is just a plus point.


Autoresponder integration with JvZoo


In this section, we are going to talk about integrating your auto-responder and build your list. It is optional if you are looking to build a short term but if you are looking for a long-term business and consistent affiliate income then you must build your list. “The Money Is In The List”.

There are many autoresponders services out there, I personally use both Aweber and getresponse, and you may choose whatever it suits you. However, with JvZoo I have integrated with getresponse. The benefit of this integration is that, you will be building a list of definite buyers and you can keep sending them similar affiliate’s offers and make some cool cash.

You will be able to do the integration once you click on the selected offer, as you will be redirected to check the offer’s details and the sales page information.

Jvzoo Get Response

You should have already setup your Autoresponder and then you will be getting your API then you have to place it in its place as it has appears on the screen above. From the drop down, options you have got to select in which list name the new leads should be placed after successful purchase.

Up to this point if you have any doubts or you are struggling with any of the points I explain here, please feel free to ask for my assistance, I will be more than happy to help.
One more thing which I really like about JvZoo platform, is providing an option in case as an affiliate you would like to add more value to the product that you are promoting to increase the chance of getting more sales by providing customers with bonuses, you have got to upload your bonuses here in the same section and once the purchase has been successfully done, JvZoo will send the bonuses to the buyers!

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